Always singing from the day she was born, Ania started playing guitar a few years back when our friends bought her a $30 guitar at a local yard sale. It was not a very good guitar; suffice to say that $30 was probably a rip-off. Not discouraged by the constantly out of tune instrument, Ania showed persistence. So, for Christmas 2002 Santa brought her "Josephine", a great new guitar. And the rest is history.

In the Summer 2003, Ania started taking classes, one half hour per week, with Dave Milliken at the Ottawa Folklore Center and she began to make real progress. 

A few months later, Ania recorded "heyday", her first CD intended as a college application supplement, at Dave's studio. The CD contains three songs, two of which (Chronus and Aware) are her own. The third one (Forgiven) is a Deb Talan cover. 

In September 2004 Ania began her Princeton education. Soon she joined three upperclassmen, forming the band The Drive-In Yard Sale. They performed their first gig at Princeton's Cafe Vivian on November 5, 2004 and again, by popular demand, on January 17, 2005. The band played four of Ania's songs (So Sorry, Down Down Down, Let Go Jordan, and Chronus) and several covers.

Ania can be reached by email at She would be grateful for any comment.