Hi, my name is Zygmunt J. Jakubek. Welcome to "My Internet Home." It's wonderful having you here. First of all, let me introduce myself.
     I was born and lived for more than half of my life in Poland. After earning a Master of Science in physics degree from the Jagiellonian University at Cracow, for several years I taught physics and conducted research on spectroscopy of diatomic molecules at Wyzsza Szkola Pedagogiczna at Rzeszow (presently University of Rzeszow).
     In 1989 I was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship and the following 5.5 years (1989-1995) I spent in the USA, where I earned my PhD in physical chemistry degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for research on Rydberg states of BaF.
     The following two years I spent in Japan, where I worked at the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) near Tokyo, initially as an STA Fellow and later as a Contract Researcher. Our team studied atoms and small molecules in cold helium gas and superfluid helium by laser spectroscopic and ab initio methods.
     Since 1997, I have worked at the National Research Council (NRC) in Ottawa, Canada. I develop integrated multimodal imaging and spectroscopy techniques and study photophysics of nanoarchitectures, quantum dots, and biomolecular interactions. In the past, I have led or participated in several large research projects including adsorption and confinement of simple gases in single-walled carbon nanotubes, synthesis and characterization of optical and magnetic properties of metal nanoparticles, and characterization of optical properties of quantum dots. I also maintain limited interest in some of the projects I have worked on in the past, such as high resolution laser spectroscopy of transition metal-small molecule complexes and reaction products and small molecules of astrophysical and atmospheric interest, excitation dynamics of metallic impurities in superfluid helium and cold helium gas, and Rydberg states of BaF.
     All my life I have enjoyed traveling. So far, I have visited nearly 60 countries. For several months in 1997 I travelled with my family in Asia visiting Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Tibet, Nepal, and India. In recent years I have very actively pursued my photography interests. I frequently display my photographs in local galleries and art shows. I also enjoy listening to music, genealogy, and many other activities, for which, unfortunately I do not have much time. But first of all, I really enjoy my work - so much, that I occasionally forget about "the joy of being."
     My wife Beata has MS in biochemistry degree from the Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland. She is also a Medical Technologist with over 10 years experience, certified by the Polish Ministry of Health and the American Association of Clinical Pathologists. Unfortunately, her Polish and US education and certificates were not good enough for Ontario bureaucrats, for whom, apparently, Poland and the USA are some third world countries. Not being able to work in the medical field in Canada, Beata fulfilled her lifelong dream and became an artist. She is mostly self-educated, but she has also attended some classes at the Ottawa School of Art and earlier in Boston, Massachusetts, and in Japan. Her favorite media are mixed media, watercolor and acrylic. Beata regularly exhibits her works at Ottawa galleries and art shows. Some of Beata's older paintings can be viewed on her website.
     Our daughter Ania is a regional editor and a reporter with French Press Agency (Agence France-Presse, AFP) in Warsaw, Poland. Before moving to Warsaw, she was an AFP desk editor for a year in Paris, France. In 2012 she graduated summa cum laude from Sciences Po (Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris, Paris, France) earning an M.S. degree in journalism. She has also earned an M.S. degree in journalism from Columbia University (New York, NY, USA). Before focusing on journalism, Ania graduated in 2008 from Princeton University (Princeton, NJ, USA) with a BA in psychology degree and the following 2 years worked as a research assistant at Duke University (Durham, NC, USA). Before going to Princeton, she was a student at the Lisgar Collegiate Institute (high school) in Ottawa. She has also attended schools in Massachusetts, USA, and in Japan (as well as a kindergarten in Poland). Before deciding on becoming a journalist, Ania considered careers in criminal law, business, architecture, and music. She published her first newspaper story in The Packet, a Central New Jersey newspaper. Since graduating from Princeton University, Ania has worked hard to learn hands on her future trade. She wrote for a Popular Science Magazine website (www.popsci.com), reported for the New York Post, wrote for, edited, and helped to start jauntsetter, an interesting travel website for New Yorkers, and interned at the Take Away, a New York radio station. Ania also reported for Thomson-Reuters in Paris and Agence France-Presse in Warsaw, Poland. During her Princeton years, Ania also briefly worked for a German TV station (ZDF, Mainz, Germany) and DJed a music program, "this and that with ania," on a Princeton radio station WPRB 103.3 fm. Ania is fluent in Polish, English, French, and Japanese and can communicate in a few other languages. For three years in the row (1998-2000) she won the Ottawa-Carleton Regional Finals of French Public Speaking competition, the first time after less than six months of studying French. For this achievement she was featured in The Star, an Ottawa weekly. She also won (2002) a Japanese public speaking competition organized by Japanese Embassy in Ottawa, Canada. In Japan Ania won (1996) city wide elementary school essay writing competition, quite an achievement for a "gaijin" or non-Japanese. As a teenager, Ania enjoyed playing guitar, singing, songwriting, baking/cooking, reading, and playing tennis. Her favourite movie was "Amelie" and her favourite book "The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand. For two years (1998-2000) Ania sang in the Central Childrens' Choir of Ottawa-Carleton. In 2004, she recorded her first CD. In high school, Ania participated in charity and school fashion shows. She designed and made clothes, choreographed her scenes, and modelled. She also did some modelling a few years earlier in Japan. And last, but not least, Ania has tried her hand at acting, playing a dull but handsome male character. Her play was a part of the Ottawa Youth Infringement Theatre Festival, which is entirely run by students; students write, direct, produce, and act in the plays. The most difficult for Ania, aside from keeping order in her room, was (and likely still is) making decisions.

     So, please open the book and learn about my work, my family, and my interests. The table of contents will guide you around my book. And do not forget to send me your comments.

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